I am a freelance illustrator, painter and animator living and working in the UK.

The characters in my work are often based on real people, set in unusual situations that sometimes deal with macabre themes. I have released several mini comics including 'Dummy', 'Foul and Fruity' and the weekly comic strip 'Very Old Monsters'. Featuring all my favourite monsters, placed in silly situations and dealing with the troubles of old age.

My illustrations have been published in many educational books such as 'Get To Grips With French Grammar', 'Test Your French For Children' as well as books on good mental health.

I am also the long running resident artist for the rock band 'The Earls Of Mars'. Creating Album artwork, t-shirt designs and a music video for the track 'The Astronomer Pig'.

My animated films have been screened at many festivals including the Coney Island Film Festival in New York and the London Independent Film Festival.

I am a graduate of the Arts Institute in Bournemouth with a degree in Fine Art.

Oh ... and I love watching zombie movies.

All work on this site is the copyright of Jan Stephens.

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